Hey guys

Not sure how many of you guys still remembers me, but I used to be a custom sticker builder and parts seller few years back. I am busy with life so I have quit the business as it was only my side job and my passion.

I did a big sale about a year and a half ago and I found out I still got some part left lol
2 soldered MC Cthulhu PCBs
16 White Sanwa Balltops
1 Sanwa Octogate
1 Sanwa metal plate
80+ BRAND NEW black SEIMITSU PS-14-G (most have minor scratches on them from shipping but will look 100% brand new with some polish which I will provide, just too lazy to bother with it)
I will throw in a box of quick quick disconnects with them (300+)
I prefer to sell them together, so hit me up with any offer, thanks guys

Here’s a showcase of some of my work

FYI: GTARcade.com is no longer my domain as I am not longer in this business!


$160 SHIPPED, first come first serve!
That’s less than 1 dollar a button and 25 bucks for a SOLDERED MC CTHULHU


damn dude, thats alot of ps14g’s just to have laying around. If you ever end up parting it im would be interested in 12 ps14gs to use in a cabinet im trying to source. Lmk
Or if someone buys this package and wants to sell some hit me up.


yeah I used to have a couple thousand sanwa and seimitsu buttons but they are all gone to members here, was cleaning the basement and found these lol I prefer to sell together, reflected by the super low price. But yeah you can send me an offer if it’s small order, I will accept or decline. Thanks for interest! Take care!


It’s always nice to find a pot of gold when doing some cleaning.
Pm sent


Guys, I only have these black on black seimitsu buttons, no more sanwas! They were all cleared at the last sale. I just found these when cleaning. I could probably find some white or black balltops but that’s it. But I did find a Sanwa plate and an octogate today though, FYI.


I am interested in the MC Cthulhu PCBs only if you are willing to sell them separate. Soldered means you have them rj45 ready?


All buttons are SOLD, thank you guys
Only 2 soldered MC Cthulhus left and 1 unsoldered, yes they have RJ45 port and terminals


I’m assuming the cthulus are soldered with a 360 pcb already?


Sold! everything gone! Thanks for interests guys!