WTS Cheap Sticks | Ipod Nano 8gb Clone|FF12


All of the prices include shipping for the lower 48.

Hori Fighting Stick Ex2 : SOLD

Madcatz SE FightStick w/ Sanwa buttons For 360: SOLD

FF12 Black case: 15$ shipped

Got it off of ebay, and never got the time to play it. CD is in very playable condition. Comes with CD, manual and Case .

Ipod Nano 8gb CLONE: SOLD


Pictures added. Pictures came out larger than i thought but im on a tiny netbook. If they are too big let me know.

btw all of these items are OBO


is the street fighter stick modded or does it come with the sanwa parts built in?


It was modded with Sanwa buttons.


sent money for the nano clone


sent you a new pm


Lemme know if you’re taking trades on that SE if it falls through.


Will do cobra. Reason im selling all of this is to get a xim360 which is pretty much what im looking for as far as trades go. maybe mw2 360 but thats not near as important as the xim.


how much for a hori ex2 shipped to canada? pm me please


Pm sent your way Nammer


Pm’ed you your tracking # ibeatu


Payment sent!


SE Sanwa stick has been sold along with two Hori Ex2’s.


PM’ed for the EX2


replied to the PM’s