WTS: ChImp Classic v1.1, Spare parts


Located in Ajax, Ontario. Meetups around the Durham region, York University and downtown Toronto (particularly A&C and most TTC subway stations) preferred. Anywhere else I’ll have to see about getting a ride or potentially shipping items out. All prices are in CAD and are for meetups. If you’re interested in something and need it shipped, PM me and we can discuss. All parts are varying degrees of used.

Toodles Chimp v1.1 - $20
The older version with through hole soldered components as opposed to SMD components. Has screw terminals that accept Phillips or flat head screwdrivers. Works as a standalone PS3 controller board or can connects to a common ground Xbox 360 controller PCB and works on PS4 via legacy support.

Sanwa JLF TP-8YT-SK (2 available) - $20 each
Regular JLFs with square gates, mounting plates, 5 pin PCBs, black shaft cover and 2 black dustwashers. Balltop not included. One of the JLFs has a stripped mounting plate screw and a scratched up mounting plate from my attempts to remove said screw to no avail.

Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK - $15
Same as above but without a mounting plate. Restrictor gate has one of the notches that holds the square insert in the centre broken, but the insert is still held in perfectly fine.

Sanwa Balltops (Black, White, 2x Yellow) $4 each
One yellow has a scratch on it. Came on my TE2 like that when it arrived. I have a second white one as well that I pulled out of a Q4 but it’s jammed onto the shaft so I can’t really sell it seperately. If you’re interested in it anyway and don’t mind replacing joystick shafts or using up a lot of energy to try and get it off, I can sell the white balltop + shaft combo for $6

Black bat top for Sanwa JLF - $5
One of the least used things on this list. Came with my Atrox and I just never had a use for it beyond giving it a try. Comes with adaptor for JLFs.

Hori Hayabusa black balltop - $4
Has a scratch on it from being in the same box as some metal parts

FA Nippon Kori Yellow balltop - $6
Bought this from FocusAttack, it ended up being WAY different than the pictures on the website. Don’t wanna bother with return shipping so I’m just reselling it

Seimitsu bubble tops (blue, clear, yellow) - $6 each
Bought from A&C in Toronto for $6 each. Haven’t used them much, I just impulse bought them because they look cool.

JLF CD-C translucent shaft covers and dustwashers (red, yellow) - $3 each
Yellow matches the FA Kori balltop above

Sanwa OBSF-30s (Yellow, Dark Red, Light Blue, Green, 2x Black, 4x Dark Hai, 6x White) - $4 each

Sanwa OBSF-24s (3x white) - $4
I also have yellow and black empty shells (no microswitches). If you want me to throw a switch into either of those instead let me know.

Qanba hole plugs - $2 each


Bump, no longer looking for PS360, no longer selling TE board.


Bump, overhauled the OP, added a bunch of stuff, pics available upon request