WTS: Chun Li Madcatz PS3 TE-S in the box


Chun Li TE-S for PS3 Te buttons have been switched to Seimitsu Clear. Other then that the stick is stock. I can look for the old buttons if you prefer I have them bagged in my office. $165 Shipped or $150 local pick up. Used up to 1 hour. I have 3 other sticks so it hasn’t gotten much love. Any questions just ask :slight_smile:
Pictures on request. Just ask :smiley:
PICTURES AT THE BOTTOM!!! :slight_smile:


Can you send me pictures of the Chun Li stick? Also if you don’t mind me asking, where do you live?


I’m in San Bernardino Ca. So Cal sir. And pm me your phone number, I’ll send the pictures via text message. :slight_smile:


AVP A + B boards? Or just b board only?


Just the b board my dude. The a with it will cost just a bit more.










Avp gone


Still available


Oh Uber bump. Avp and Chun li both gone