WTS: Chun Li TE for the PS3

I am looking to sell a Chun Li TE for the PS3. I have used the TE since late January to late April on a regular basis because I was practicing for Final Round. There are some scuffs on the outside of the box and there looks like there is a tear on the hinge on one of the flops (Is that the right word?). I am asking for 200 or OBO not including Shipping costs. I feel like I don’t need to say this but I am throwing it out there, only legit offers if you go the OBO route. Anyways now for the pictures:







Price Drop and Bump

Any damage to the stick? And is the new price 200 without shipping.

There are a few scratches to either the top or the side of the stick but they are small and not noticeable. I can try and take pictures or a picture of the scratches and by try I mean attempt to get them to show up. It is 200 dollars before shipping. As of right now I have someone who is interested in the Fight Stick so I will update the thread if the sale falls through.