WTS: Chun Li TE-S Dual Modded stick $180 Shipped! Ice Red Q4 150 Shipped!


Looking to sell this Still for $180 Shipped Red Q4 150 Shipped All you gotta do is plug and play regardless of system Send me a PM if interested


Do you have the box




Sorry it seems like i got ur message late anyways im negotiating another one if the deal falls tru ill let you know


Price change! $250 shipped!




Price Update!


How about you take care of your oustanding transactions before you start selling anything else?

BUYERS BEWARE: Until these buyers have reported that Andre has made right on these transactions, he has black marks as a seller.


Lol funny that I did send out the balltops but ok


Get in touch with the buyers I quoted. If you’ve made right on this, then they can vouch, and I’ll redact that post.


Selling All Red Q4 for 150 Shipped


Is the TE-S price still standing at $250?