WTS Chun LI TE-S for PS3 and 6 Seimitsu PS-14KN buttons (blue)

MOds can close this now, I opened a nother thread in hopes of getting more people who may be interested in a new TE…

I’d consider it if I didn’t just buy a Qanba Q3 EMP last week. Bump for a legit buyer/seller! :tup:

@Nuckingfuts Thanks bro, I already sold my other TE-s now I gotta let this one go LOL

Fo sho! So you like the V3-SA, ehh?! :smiley: Ya, I’m debating if I should sell the TE rd2 w/the MK panel since I use the PDP stick much more.

Yep the guy who sold to me sent it brand new in the box. I havent switched it to Seimitsu yet currently it has the firstr 6 buttons white with red plungers a red shaft cover and white dust washer and white ball top. I’m digging it tho.

Nice, post a pic of that color scheme! :rock:

OT: I finally got that VX-SA case last week but by time I received it, I already changed my mind (since I waited too long for the seller to ship!) & wanted a Voltech VAS-22 for the dual-mod (PS3 & Wii) setup. I’m already taking a hit with my current asking price on it. If I don’t get a buyer for it anytime soon for my asking price then I’m just gonna slap in that TvC Wii pcb I’ve got laying around to use as a 2nd player Wii stick.

I’m actually wanting to get that Omni Stick that Laugh is releasing on the 26th…its another ode to VSHG and its dual modded using the Paewang pcb

if i was u id keep it n sell the new 360 te stick for 130 shipped

Ya, saw that. Looks nice, might have to get one also!

I gotta get rid of the chun Stick asap lol…

LOL! :smiley:


Update to OP-Chun Stick sold to Hakdizzle.

Sheesh, that was quick!

@Nuckingfuts, yeah boi! lol ANd I already preorder’d the Omni too :rock:X1000 lol

That’ll work!!! :sunglasses:

Bump…updated OP

Bump-price drop-trying to get these items outta here LOL

Helloooooooo out there, is anyone lookin for a TE for 360…? (crickets…)

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