WTS: Chun TE PS4/PS360 RJ-45 Dual Modded


$220 shipped

Stick has a Hori FC4 pad and a ps360+ dual modded and lead out to a rj-45 port. It will come with 1 Rj-45 to usb cable. 3D-Printed panel that replace the turbo panels and have a DPDT rocker switch to alternate between consoles and have colored LED buttons for Home. I put sticky felt on the bottom panel. It has seen gameplay, so there are scuffs and scratches. The lenticular art is not mint but still looks very nice as it has plexiglass on it

Because of the Rj-45 mod, it works on PS4+PS3/360 and all legacy consoles PS360 Offers. (except Sega Saturn) if partnered with correct cables. Inside wiring isn’t clean but it works perfectly, and I took these to tournaments with no hiccups.

Sanwa buttons and a fairly new LS-32 stick









new sticks for sale


All right. That’s cool.


Interested. Is it possible to change the artwork?


Yes, the current art is stock. Go to this site to buy plexi and have some art printed



Yep and and you have to make sure it is for the DOA5 plexiglass as the SCV layout may differ




Pm sent