WTS: Cleanout Sale

Okay, getting back into a little bit of longboarding so I am just selling some extra stuff I have laying around to make some extra cash. I will update it as I come across some new stuff. All prices are OBO and do not include shipping.

This is the newer model, you know the more portable version, not the graystation. In great condition, still plays games, has some sparkly stuff on the disc opening tray thing, probably sister’s glitter. Comes with all cables, Test Drive 6, and one of those dual memory cards.

Guilty Gear X PS2
CD has slight scratches from rotating in the case, but still plays. I only play AC occasionally so getting rid of the others. Has manual, and a Play N Trade sticker on the front.

Guilty Gear X2 PS2
CD has scratches, not deep though and is still playable without any problems. Also has a sticker on the front. No manual.

Hori T5 PS2 PCB
Has wires soldered to every point, cable is in great shape. Great PS2 PCB. Recently made my T5 PS3 only, no need for this.

Snowboard- All for 100 shipped.

Burton Shift Cargo Pants - Sahara color - M
Bought these new for 140, never wore them, looking for around 60 plus shipping.

Burton Tribute boots - Size 10
Again, bought these new when I replaced some gear, never got a chance to go back up and don’t snowboard anymore as much as longboarding. Paid 120, you can have them for 45 plus shipping.

Dragon DX Goggles- white frame and amber lens, white strap
Wore these on the mountain 2x, still look new. Looking for 20 + shipping.

interested in beatmania controller. got any pics?


pics are located in this folder, there are pics of the controller and game. quality is low, sorry cameraphone only atm. the scratches on the beatmania games i tried to capture, but are hairline scratches like most games get from being in cases or rotating in a cd tray.

if you’ve got time i’ll check out your clothes. thanks man.

is jkoc 7 key if so I am interested

pictures are included in my above post. but yes it is the IIDX controller so it is 7 keys. not as glorious as an asc, but spending 16 bucks a key is a bit out of my range. the jpkoc keys work great to me, a little harder than a seimitsu.

Are the button edges shaved so they don’t stick down if you hit them off-center? The US ones didn’t have that problem, but the JP ones were notorious for the buttons getting stuck.

yo, clear your PM inbox!

i’ll take em~~

the edges were just barely shaved, but i never had a problem with sticky keys before i did, i cleaned them after every play and never chanced it. but i mean, i got to about level 6’s before i stopped playing.

fixed inventory, beatmania stuff sold

snowboard gear eh? whats your size?

can you go any lower on the t5 pcb? Wouldnt mind having a spare.

Snowboarding stuff has been added to the list since people are asking.
I can do 15 plus shipping charges to your location for the T5 pcb mishima.

I got two US Beatmania Controllers if youre interested.

How tall are you and what size shoes do you usually wear?

interested in the burton gear

im 6’ about, the pants fit with enough to sit baggy on the boots, but that was the style i was into and burton markets, so yeah, they fit like a 31-36 waist or something like that, should fit like 90% of guys. i usually wear a size 10.5 to 11, depending on the shoe.

bump. need this stuff gone. make offers, im negotiable