WTS: Clear Plexi Glass Arcade Stick for X-box 360

Customized this little stick with a friend. Happ buttons with QDs, competition stick. Works perfect for SF4. X-box green power button on left (whatever its called, the dashboard button), start on right.

The headset input works just fine as you can see as well. Only flaw is a hairline crack by the stick. There was never a bottom built for it.






Asking for $225 shipped OBO, I am open to offers. First come first serve, no holding or pending.

mmm… routed plexis :smiley:

edit: ended up buying another stick…

Ill do it if you don’t end up getting your other stick

so how do u connect the headset? couldn’t tell by the pics.

the port on the pcb is still intact and there is no bottom panel on the stick so you just plug it in.

In the 3rd pic, right in the middle is connected and no bottom panel as roushiei said

is the back button wire just sitting in the corner of the case? just wondering if im tripping or if it is :rofl:

lol. no bottom panel? thought it was just super clean. i gotcha.

Ya, I figured it would be easier to get to the buttons if they broke and also easier than drilling a hole for the headset.

All PMs responded too. Remember, first come first serve. I am NOT holding.

Pirce lowered

Stick is too badass. I love the portability of it, I need to make me one of those… I have ideas in my head now. =)

Good luck with the sale, I’d snatch this up but gamingnow.net already has my money for a stick. xD

It is. My friend wired the back button just in case in the future, an extra button can be drilled and added. You can rip it off if you plan not to use it.

You take money orders?

yes i do. shoot me a PM if interested.