WTS: CNC Hitbox case $80 shipped - See Newest Post for item


SOCD Cleaner w/ Screw Terminals - see first post


What going on with the Foehammer case?


The case was sold a few weeks ago.


Still alive and making screw terminal kits @EJM ?


Anymore padhacks


I haven’t made any to put up for sale in this thread for a while.

SRK members have PM’ed with their padhack requests and I’ve been doing it that way.


Hori FC4 padhack with Screw Terminals

Price: SOLD


Extremely professional, expert craftsman, top of class. Buy with no fear, this man is the real McCoy. I look forward to outfitting all of my sticks with his work.


Dualshock 4 w/ Screw Terminals - Blue

Price: SOLD


Dualshock 4 w/ Screw Terminals - Red

Price: SOLD


Brook PS4/PS3 PCB w/ Screw Terminals

Not for sale, belongs to Foe Hammer as a test sample.


Dualshock 4 w/ Screw Terminals - White

Price: SOLD


How much was that ps4 board with screw terminals. Just curious.


I think $110 shipped I could be wrong though, but I think that’s what he sold them for


Dualshock 4 w/ Screw Terminals for Wireless play- RED

Price: SOLD


Dualshock 4 w/ Screw Terminals for Wireless play- BLUE

Price: SOLD


are you going to do any more PS4 wireless DIY w screw terminals ?


Yeah I’ll make more. If you want one PM me and I’ll make you one.


thanks EJM, now just to design the case hahaha.


Toodles ChIMP and PiiWee - SOLD

I found these older PCBs earlier today. They are new and unused I just had them in a box for the last couple years and completely forgot about them. I have no use for them now so I’m looking to sell them.