WTS: CNC Hitbox case $80 shipped - See Newest Post for item


Hand Made SOCD Cleaner - GREEN

Price: SOLD


For an extra fee could you install screw terminals or 2-pin connectors to the Paewang?


@ItsTheMightyD All the screw terminals I have are too big for the Paewang mounting holes. If I were to put screw terminals on it, it would have to be on a bread board with screw terminals attached and then mounted to the paewang like I do for the DS4 pads.


Foe Hammer Mini Case

The case is 12.50"(L) and 8.50"(W), 6 buttons, plexi top and bottom. More pics coming soon. If interested contact Doug at doug.foehammer@gmail.com

I’ll have an example of a fully loaded one with art, parts, and wired to a Brook PS3/PS4 pcb soon. In the meantime if you want a case similar to it contact Doug since he made a couple cases.


More pics


emailed about that foehammer mini


This guys hacks are legit. 2 of my hacked ps4 wireless boards are still working flawless since release of SFV. No lags. No issues. Wireless feature is awesome.


@Hodo858 Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I’m glad you are enjoying your padhacks! :slight_smile:


Still have SOCD cleaner? Interested in buying.


Hand Made SOCD Cleaner

Price: SOLD


You do cool things and I like that.




Dualshock 4 w/ Screw Terminals for Wireless or Wired Play- V2 BLUE

Price: SOLD


Dualshock 4 w/ Screw Terminals for Wireless or Wired Play- V2 BLACK

Price: SOLD


Dualshock 4 PCB above is still available.

Madcatz 360 Brawl Pad PCB

Price: $10 shipped in the US SOLD

Works great, pulled from a stick that was upgraded to PS4.

Colored USB Cables

Price: $10 per cable, shipped in the US ALL SOLD

I have red, blue, green, and black.


PM sent.


PM’d ya about the DS4 pad hack (told ya I’d be back) :slight_smile:


Hand Made SOCD Cleaner - BLACK

Price: SOLD


Swap Magic 3.6 plus Discs + tool for fat PS2

Price: SOLD

Clean discs no scratches were hardly ever used.


HD Combo Slim Hard Drive PS2 with Crystal Chip 2.0 PRO (Rare)

Price: ** SOLD**

Rare PS2 with built in slot for an ATA hard drive to store your LEGAL game copies. Also has a Crystal Chip 2.0 PRO
installed for playing every kind of PS2 and PS1 game. The console is clean and was very well taken care of.

*****This system does have the ability to play pirated PS1 and PS2 games, BUT I WON’T BE TELLING YOU HOW! If you want to pirate games don’t come to me with questions on how to do it. I’m just selling the console as is. You won’t be getting any BURNS so don’t even ask.

You get the console and cables included in the photos. All the cables are there and also a memory card. I couldn’t find any PS2 controllers. There is no hard drive in the bay so you will have to provide your own.

The laser is in excellent condition since I hardly used it, all games were played from the hard drive.

Everything works 100%. If you have any questions please ask or use google.




interesting wish i had the money seems cool