WTS: Comics, Manga, Books, Games, CD's, DVD's

So I’m currently on vacation, headed to Iraq next month, and there’s a bunch of crap I want to get rid of before that happens.

Just posting all this to see if my SRK brethren are interested in any of it. I already have pos feedback in the user feedback section.


40 Years of the Amazing Spider-Man (11 CD-ROM Collection) $6
Blind Justice $3
The Cult $3
The Dark Knight Archives, Vol. 1 $4
Illustrated by Neal Adams, Vol. 1 $10
Knightfall Pts. 1-3 $3.60 each
Strange Apparitions $2.60
Vs. Predator ? The Collected Edition $1.20
Year One: Batman/Ra?s al Ghul $2
Year Two: Fear the Reaper $4
Brit Vol. 1: Old Soldier $3.60
Dragon Ball Vol. 1-16 $1.60 each SOLD
The Enemy Ace Archives, Vol. 1 $10
Eyeshield 21 Vol. 1 $1.60
The Flash Archives, Vol. 1 $10
Green Lantern & Green Arrow Vol. 1 & 2 $2.60 each
Infinite Crisis $5
Invincible Vol. 6 & 7 $3 each
JLA: Tower of Babel $2.60
Jojo?s Bizarre Adventure Vol. 1-9 $1.60 each
Kingdom Come $3
The Omac Project $3
One Piece Vol. 1 $1.60
Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 1 $1.60
The Shazam! Archives, Vol. 1-3 $10 each
Superman Archives, Vol. 1 & 2 $8 each
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies $2.60
The Walking Dead: Book One $6


The Artificial River $3
The Complete Fawlty Towers $2.40
Film Form $1.80
First Generations: Women in Colonial America $3
Mike Nelson?s Movie Megacheese $3
Triangle: The Fire That Changed America $2.80
The Truth (with Jokes) $5.20


Final Fantasy IV Advance $10
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga $10


Tekken: Dark Resurrection $10


ABC ? ?The Lexicon of Love? $3
The B-52’s - “The B-52’s” $3
Beastie Boys ? ?Paul?s Boutique? $3
Blondie - “Parallel Lines” $3
Blur - “Parklife” $3
David Bowie-?Low? $3
Glenn Branca-?The Ascension? $3
Jeff Buckley-?Grace? $3
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young ? ?Dj Vu? $3
The Cure - “The Cure (w/bonus ‘Making Of’ DVD)” $5, ?Disintegration? $3
Depeche Mode - “Catching Up with Depeche Mode” $3, ?Music for the Masses? $3, ?Speak & Spell? $3, ?Violator? $3
Bob Dylan - “Blonde on Blonde” $3, ?Blood on the Tracks? $3, ?Bringing It All Back Home? $3
Danny Elfman ? ?Batman ? Motion Picture Soundtrack? $3
The Fall-?This Nation?s Saving Grace? $3
Peter Gabriel-?So? $3
Gang of Four-?Entertainment!? $3
The Human League ? ?Dare? $3
Husker Du - “Flip Your Wig” $3, ?New Day Rising? $3, “Warehouse: Songs & Stories” $3, ?Zen Arcade? $3
Joe Jackson-?Look Sharp!? $3
Jane’s Addiction ? ?Nothing?s Socking? $3, “Ritual de lo Habitual” $3
Jesus & Mary Chain - “Psychocandy” $3
King Crimson-?In the Court of the Crimson King? $3
Led Zeppelin-?Houses of the Holy? $3, ?Led Zeppelin I? $3, ?Led Zeppelin II? $3, ?Led Zeppelin III? $3, ?Physical Graffiti? $6
John Lennon-?Imagine? $3, ?Plastic Ono Band? $3
"Les Miserables - The Original Broadway Cast Recording" (2 CD’s) $9
Love-?Forever Changes? $3
Van Morrisson - “Astral Werks” $3
New Order - ?Substance? $6
N. W. A.-?Straight Outta Compton? $3
Nine Inch Nails - ?Pretty Hate Machine? $3
Oasis - “What’s the Story, Morning Glory?” $3
Pet Shop Boys - “Discography: The Complete Singles Collection” $3
Pink Floyd-?Dark Side of the Moon?, $3 ?Wish You Were Here? $3
Pixies - “Come on Pilgrim” $3, “Doolittle” $3
Prince-?Purple Rain? $3
Public Enemy - “Fear of a Black Planet” $3, “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” $3
Public Image Limited - “Metal Box” $9, “The Greatest Hits (So Far)” $3
R.E.M.- ?Automatic for the People? $3, “Document” $3, “Life’s Rich Pageant” $3, “Murmur” $3, ?Reckoning? $3
Roxy Music-?Roxy Music? $3
Simon & Garfunkel - “The Columbia Studio Recordings, 1964-1970” (5 CD’s) $12.50
Smashing Pumpkins - “Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” $6
The Smiths ? ?Hatful of Hollow? $3, ?Louder Than Bombs? $3, ?The Queen Is Dead? $3, ?Singles? $3, ?The Smiths? $3
Sonic Youth - “Confusion is Sex” $3, ?Daydream Nation? $3
Bruce Springsteen-?Born to Run? $3
Talking Heads-?Remain in Light? $3
Tears for Fears ? ?The Hurting? $3
They Might Be Giants - “They Might be Giants” $3
Van Halen - “Van Halen” $3
The Velvet Underground ? ?The Velvet Underground and Nico? $3
Violent Femmes- ?Violent Femmes? $3
Weezer - “Weezer (The Blue Album)” $3
The Who - “Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy” $3, ?Who?s Next? $3
Brian Wilson - “Smile” $3
XTC-?Fossil Fuel? $7, ?Skylarking? $3
Yes-?Close to the Edge? $3, ?Fragile? $3, ?The Yes Album? $3
Neil Young-?After the Gold Rush? $3, ?Decade? $7.50, ?Everybody Knows this is Nowhere? $3, ?Harvest? $3, ?Tonight?s the Night? $3
Frank Zappa - “Freak Out!” $3, “We’re Only in it for the Money” $3


The Complete Monty Python?s Flying Circus $12 SOLD
Dragon Ball Z ? Seasons 1-4 $7 each SOLD
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing ? Complete Collection I $10
Red Dwarf I-V $6 each

PM me for questions/pictures/info.

PM sent! :slight_smile:

Pm sent…

PM sent as well.

Pm Sent!

PM sent.

Form up an offer. I’m willing to trade my Gamecube for a lot of the stuff. All I ask is that you include the Gundam Wing DVD and offer no CDs in said offer.

Can I buy the tekken DR and FF3 from u?

pm sent :slight_smile:

Someone’s already PM’ed me about FF3. Still interested in DR?

whys their a 1 next to the gundam wing collection?

I sent you a PM.

What arc(s) do JJBA 1-9 cover?

The series was released in two sets. The first set contains the first 25 episodes.

Stardust Crusaders.

More specificially - Silver Chariot, Dark Blue Moon, Strength, The Devil, Yellow Temperance, The Emperor and the Hanged Man, The Empress, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Lovers, The Sun, Death, Judgement, The High Priestess, Iggy the Fool and the God Geb, Zenyatta and Mondatta, The Sword of Anubis, and Mariah and the Goddess Bast

So you wanna give me FFIV Advanced and Super Star Saga for free, right? :slight_smile:

It would do wonders for your karma to help out a fellow P-TOL brother.


LOL, nice try, SH.

This is all going to end on Tuesday, when I go back to Ft. Hood. Get stuff now people…it won’t be up for a sale again for 15 months!

Got my stuff last week on Thursday. Thanks!

I’m back on Ft. Hood and deploying in 11 days. Won’t have access again to any of this shit until March/April of next year.

Close this thread.

Take care of yourself man. Hope to hear from you in the future.