WTS: Complete 2009 Arcadia SBO DVDs (all 4 disks)

I am selling all 4 SBO 2009 DVDs. I’ll take pictures later. They’re in mint condition, no scratches. They’ll be sent with 2 day shipping through FedEx Ground, and package very nicely to ensure no damage comes to the disks. I will pack each disk individually so they don’t scratch each other as well.

The tourneys include Tekken 6, SF4, Virtua Fighter 5r, SF3 Third Strike, BlazBlue, Fate Unlimited/Codes, Arcana Heart, Guilter Gear ^Core. I believe there’s some bonus footage included as well.

The price is 35$ shipped to the lower 48. Or 12$ apiece.

Price drop bump.

Another price drop.

Final price drop. Come on, this is 4 DVDs that are extremely hard to get for 40$, you can’t beat that deal…

Would you sell the one with 3rd strike seperately ? Only one Im highly interested in.

If they don’t sell by next Monday I’ll start to piece them out I suppose. It’d be much cheaper on my end if I could just sell the whole lot though.

I will now be willing to sell them for 12$ apiece if you want just an individual DVD. 35$ for the whole batch.

Sold SF4 and Third Strike DVDs. The Blazblue/Fate Unlimited Codes and Guilty Gear/Arcana Heart DVDs are still available. 12$ each or 20$ for both.

I pm’ed you but u never pm’ed me back.

got the dvds . thanks alot. good seller fast shipping.