WTS Consoles/Games Updated 9-26


I am primarly interested in selling first and then in the future I will consider trade offers…as they are sold or traded I will update with new items.

New items-

Sega Saturn 4MB Cart- $25 shipped

Sega Saturn Action Replay Plus- $35 shipped

Sega Saturn US Dragon Force w/ Strategy Guide- $90 shipped

PS3 KOF 12 w/ strategy guide- $40 shipped

Collection of Import DC games- $30 shipped

Old Items-

Vampire Hunter SS(JP)- $15 shipped

Vampire Savior SS(JP)- $25 shipped

Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku SS(JP)- $40 shipped

Burning Rangers SS(JP)- $30 shipped


what’s so special about the regulation 7 dreamcast?:confused:


Its black! :smiley:


dibs on the saturn!


In Japan they have Pachinko Parlors filled with slot machines but because gambling for cash is illegal in Japan the balls used in pachinko cannot be exchanged directly for cash in the parlor, the balls are exchanged for token prizes, which can then be taken outside and traded in for cash…the Regulation 7 Dreamcast was made to be one of these prizes making it rare because it was never mass produced…


that’s cool i didnt know R7 DC were given out like that. they rarely were on ebay too. good shit.

i loveee rare stuff like this if you guys see my rooms you’d freak out i have too much shit.


Does your R7 still have the broadband adapter or is it just a normal telephone jack?


Im not 100% but I havent changed anything on the system and its made like every Dreamcast except color and logo…


Damn…wanted the Saturn. PM me if it’s still up for grabs.


ah I c , nice item then gl with the sale


That is a sweet looking dreamcast.


Xombie youve been pmed
Sega Saturn has been sold. For those interested in the SS’s stay tuned thread will be updated soon. Thanks Orphen and MVC…on that note price drop :rock:


Sega Dreamcast(JP) added.


Ryu has personally beatup the box. :rofl:


3DO has been sold. OP will be updated soon.


New Items added plus price drop.


Who you trade the backwards PS3 for a 80gig plus $100?


Ill take a saturn :slight_smile:


butteroj youve been pmed.
chaos123x thanks but I already have another PS3 to use.


Dibs on White Saturn!