WTS: cool stuff you may want. + more to follow!


Sup guys I have a wii tatsunoko Fightstick modded to play on ps3. No art at all. $50 shipped.
Marvel vs capcom 2 ps3 case. I hear these are selling for 100… I’ll let mine go for $50 shipped.
Ps2 games, psone games, saturn games and some neo geo on its way shortly. Paypal please.

Pictures up shortly.


interested in the wii stick, any other mods done to it?


Not really, all Sanaa buttons and Sansa stick. That’s really it. Nothing more sir :slight_smile:


All sanwa? Sorry not sure if thats what you meant to say in the last post but if so i’d love to see pics of condition.


Damn phone lol. Yes all Sanwa. Pics up tonight :slight_smile: plus more stuff.


Still compatible with Wii as well as PS3?


Just ps3 :frowning:


Is the MVC2 case complete with metal panels and PCB?


It’s the ps3 game. Not the stick.


Ah… gotcha


pics coming up soon? Really want to see that SE


Games list ready yet?

Looking for CvS1 and CvS2 hopefully…


I’m excited to see this game list too. I’m finally starting my saturn collection :slight_smile:


Neo geo aes or mvs?


It would be mvs. AES I’m either keeping or selling on eBay. Going through an annulment and could use some top dollar for my rare carts. Sorry. Cvs 1 or 2 for DC or ps2/x.

Actually what games you guys looking for? I can look through what I got


DC, Saturn, PS1, PS2, Orig XBOX, or GC

Fighting, platform, or shmup games.


looking for Street fighter III 3rd strike, MVC2 and Powerstone 2 on DC.


The fightstick still available?


Received the MvC2 case and some extras! Thanks!


Do you happen to have Breakers Revenge, Mark of The wolves, KOF 02, Wind Jammers or samurai shodown 2 on MVS