WTS: CPS-3 System with SF3 new generation

Complete cps3 system with cd-drive mobo/new generation cart-cd/metal case and cables. Working perfectly. Selling it cheap for $125 shipped OBO…
If you need pics PM me…

Check yo inbox.

Price Drop!

Can you load a 3rd Strike Copy CD, and or Original CD into it also ? Also when was last battery swap?

To play third strike on this setup you’re going to need a 3S cart, CD (can be burnt or original) and more ram.

Right but he said theres the 3S Cart, and since it runs New Gen, I presume it works on Third Strike? You have any insight Vega? Or hopefuly Steve can come in here too :wink:

yes, this is the hardware that runs third strike. he said it comes with a New Generation cart, not third strike cart. at least I don’t see where he said that.

if you got yourself a third strike cart + third strike CD + more RAM then you could play third strike on this setup he’s selling.

There is no 3rd strike cart in my sale, not sure where you read that… Just the new generation cart.

Some one make an offer one this system before I have to waste my time ebaying it…

are there any trades you’re looking for?

I didn’t read anything Steve, or Vega, it was more like a question, hes it better phrased. Can I play Third Strike, just switching the CD? I can assume from your answers, that no. I need CD, Cart, and more ram. That was what I was wondering. I thought that perhaps the hardware was the same, just the CD or game data, had to be changed. Guess not heh!

Got a nice joystick? Mas / Hrap? Anyone?


throwing it out there for random but I have a mas style p360 stick wired for ps2 (dreadedfist made it) if interested.

edit: will get a couple pics up before I go to work in the afternoon.

Can I see a pic or two?



Sony PsOne dual shock pcb
P360 + Happ Convex buttons