WTS CPS2 game: Ebay

I happen to have Street Fighter Alpha 1 and 2. I need to part with one of them,
So I posted Alpha 1 on the net.

Bid is at 3.25 less than 24hours left.



5 bucks right now, 500% increase deal? :wink:

What a steal.

Less than 24 hours left at $3.25

How much is an A board, and what exactly would be needed to play? All materials please :slight_smile:

Well an A board can run you at around 40-60 bucks. Then the B board goes on top of it.
They are both made of hard plastic. You will need a jamma type of setup, Jamma refers to a japanese standard of wiring arcade sticks to interface with the games. You will also need a kick harness, which adds the 3 kick buttons you would use in SF type of games.
If your dont have a crt monitor with a chassis, then you need to buy something like a scart, which I believe is jamma to you tv connection.

Basically you need an Arcade Machine or one of those superguns.