WTS: CPS2 stuff (ST, UD console) hori sticks, etc


all cps2 boards are key stoned, i’ll post photos soon.

Super SF2 Turbo (USA) :380
Alien VS predator (USA) : 200
UD-CPS2 : 380
HRAP EX SE : 120 (i’ll throw in an ls-32-01-SC for another 20, brand new)
HRAP VX SA : 180 (LS-32 installed, i can have it swapped back to jlf on request, complete original packaging)

I still have a hitbox ps3/pc controller for sale as well, $140

prices do not include postage


BSN, please check your PMs


Interested in the AvP -pm’ing now


I’ll take the udcps2


Hitbox is sold


I pm’ed you about the udcps2 and posted above. Is it for sale or what?


If I may respond for BSN, mikeidge, I’m actually in discussion with BSN for the UDCPS2 as well as one other item. He and I have been talking from when I contacted him about 17 days ago.


found one elsewhere anyway.


Yeah I’ve been busy I’ll get the quote tomorrow.
Lowering the price on the vx sa to 170


Lowering price of vx sa to 160


Ud and st is sold. Vx sa now 150