WTS: CPS3 Board (Full RAM, DarkSoft Standard SH-2 Cart, Metal Case, CD-Rom Drive) $650 Shipped

Selling GDLK CPS-3 Board for $650 Shipped. See Below.

What you get:

  • CPS3 Board (It WORKS!)
    – Fully Populated RAM (tl;dr Runs 3rd Strike) 64MBit/64MBit/128MBit/128MBit/128MBit/128MBit Respectively
    – Metal Case (RARE, not found on newer CPS3 Boards)

  • Standard SH-2 Security Cart with DarkSoft Bios
    – Battery Free (No Suicides)
    – DarkSoft Bios can load any CPS-3 Game (still takes 40 minutes like any cps-3 game)
    — 1. SFIII New Generation
    — 2. Warzard / Red Earth
    — 3. Jojo’s Venture
    — 4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
    — 5. SFIII 2nd Impact
    — 6. SFIII 3rd Strike (A Type <-- the one you want)
    — 7. SFIII 3rd Strike (B Type <-- the one you dont)

  • Game Disc (Needed to load games, put it in the cd-rom drive and you’ll never take it out)

  • CD-Rom Drive (Unused, comes with cables)

If you aren’t familiar with the darksoft cps3 mod, can read up on it here: http://64darksoft.blogspot.com/

Also videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNwOW3-eFz8

Any questions feel free to ask.

Pics: imgur.com/a/Vz0Aa

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