WTS - Cricket Wireless EZ Phone

Some of you may be familiar with Cricket Wireless and their very inexpensive/free of contract cell phone plans. I bought in and picked up this phone, but only remained with the service for a couple of months (about the time I realized people don’t actually call me… and that a cellphone bill wasn’t really an awesome thing for me at the time all things considered).

The EZ phone is definitely on the cheap end of the spectrum, so don’t expect a Blackberry… but if making phone calls and sending text messages is why you want a phone… the EZ is a great place to buy into the service on the cheap.

The phone is in great condition, and it still has its original packaging and charger.

I’m asking $35+actual shipping (which should be quite cheap), so hit me up via PM with your offers.

I only deal in PayPal, thanks.