*WTS* crown 203c's korean screw-ins

Selling some of my spare parts. Cont u.s. only, sorry. I will ship USPS

Paypal only.

semitsues sold, krayzied240 had dibs through previous talks

6 USED crown 203c RED,two of eight sold, so 6 now $12 shipped

6 USED crown 203c BLUE $12 shipped

all used items only maybe 5 hours of play


greens on hold for kaspr. payment pending

Fanta bid on

fanta sold, pending payment

fanta sold and two reds sold

still have the 6 BLUE, and 6 RED

greens sold

These fit in the same size holes as Happ buttons, right? 28mm? How deep are the buttons?

they are 28mm. 1 and 5/16 total depth. threaded is 7/8 inches

hey, I’m interested in all 12 buttons you have left, sent you a pm

p.m. replied

reds and blues still for sale.

make me an offer for both sets

added buttons and springs

Are the springs actual JLF springs? Or are they a harder spring you found that

they are a harder spring i found that fit, perfect

buttons and springs still for sale, will do springs individually if some one is interested

man, im so broke now or i would pick up those red KN’s from you. GL on your sale.

BTW, how many arcade parts do you have laying around your place? lol

I’ll take these if they’re still available.

i’m interested in the red seimitsues as well, if ailerus doesn’t take them

way to many spare parts, more up for sale soon

ailerus, sent you a p.m. with my paypal info