WTS Cthulu PCB and Kid Robot SF Figurines

So I have a Cthulu pcb that I’m trying to get rid of, don’t need it anymore. Works fine, only thing is that it has some hot glue in the holes (don’t ask why I tried that).
The Kid Robot figurines I have extras of are:

2x White Ryus -$7
2x Red Kens- $7
1x Red E Honda $12
1x Blue E Honda $12

The figurines I’m willing to trade or sell, the Cthulu I’ll sell for $20.

I’ll post pictures soon.

interested in cthulu.want some pics.

zenblaster is quick!

Interested in the cthulhu.

Very interested in the MC with rj45. New here so don’t know how to pm anyone yet.

Semi-interested in the Kidrobot figures…waiting for pics

Interested in the figures. 2x White Ryu and a 1x Blue E Honda. xD