Wts: CUSTOM 360 Blue HSS-136 stick sanwa, buttons UPDATED!



FIRST is a HSS-0136 that i modded. its been modded with a 360 pad with qds . The whole stick is custom. The buttons have been painted to match the stick looks great. ALL THE PARTS ARE BRAND NEW SANWA. I bought a plexi glass for the top but The only issue is has two small cracks one next to the buttons and one next to the screw hole. The Graphic is a just a place holder, I know its “sexy”.



Third BUTTON SET 1 20 shipped
6 x 30mm Black Seimetsu Screw ins Lightly Used
3 x 24 mm Custom white/black Sanwa to match Basically new have wear due to removing them from a case


If you buy multiple items ill cut you a deal thanks for looking!


I don’t even need them, but I will take the first button set. Do you get to CTF at all? I could be there tomorrow (Friday). If so, can we do the exchange there with a few dollars taken off since shipping won’t be required? If not I still want them.


Ill take that 2nd button set. pm being sent now.


Hmm Ill pm you later if I do!


Button Set 2 sold!


Cool man. Even if you don’t, let me know and I will paypal you. I figure meeting up would give you straight cash right away and you won’t have to pay any paypal fees. Let me know by 5pm tomorrow.


100 shipped for HSsS


Updated with jlf pics




New jlf


Hey, I’m interested in the JLF, I’ll send you a PM real soon.


Price Drop!


More Droppage!


Buttons Bump 20 Shipped Black Set


85 shipped for stick


Psp fat and a 4gb stick for the 360 stick and the buttons?


Hey Hak. I have a stick that I’m not sure can take screw ins or not. It’s a custom. I should have some screw ins for another stick coming in by the end of the week. I will test them in the other stick to see if they fit. If they do, I will buy button set 2 from you. I’ll keep you posted.


Cool! my Fault about last time!


Thanks for skipping me -_-


nice stick. if it wasnt blue id be all over this. hahaha