WTS: Custom Aero City 2P panel (others: custom LS-32, L-33, LS-56, Agetec)

  • All cases have no PCB
  • All cases have pre installed wire, quick disconnects and terminals.
  • All buttons and joysticks are in very good condition (very minimal use hence why I’m selling instead for it to collect dust)

All you need is a PCB and the stick is ready to go

Aero City 2 player panel (the panel alone already cost ~120 USD)
Includes: 2 JLFs, 18 30mm Sanwa buttons (6 Sanwa on the sides), 2 24mm hole plugs), blue ball top for player 2 side.

Price: $140 shipped

Custom black piano finish (LS-33, 9 yellow 30mm Sanwa (3 on the front side)
Price: $80 shipped

Custom red oak (LS-56, 6 red w/ black rim Sanwa buttons, 3 red Sanwa on side)
Includes: red ball top, octagonal gate
Price: 110$ shipped

Modded Agetec (LS-32, 6 dark hai Sanwa, 2 white Seimitsu 24mm side buttons)
Includes: dark hai ball top
Price: 75$ shipped

did you make all these?

nice bruce lee sticks

Not the bruce sticks!?? Nice stuff. Free bump.

damnit. where the hell were you last week, i would have bought that 2p case but now i got a custom and hrap… lame. Nice sticks guy.

Yes I did, but I haven’t been using them for a while.

thanks agent x and cue16.

I’m interested in the 2P stick but screwed on cash right now. Go figure.

awesome sticks, really considering that 2P set up.

Bump just for having the Bruce Lee sticks with pics. I would be interested in that red stick but I prefer an American button layout. I’m really new to stick world, so I’m not sure how you guys put on the art layouts, but is there a way to get that Bruce Lee artwork/image (red or yellow), print it, and then put it on my stick, and what would the work entail? Thanks for any help in advance.