WTS: Custom Agetec Full Sanwa Mod PS2/DC - $85 SHIPPED


Hey all,

I have a DREAMCAST AGETEC joystick fully custom modded. It features all sanwa, buttons and joystick, and is upgraded to play with both PS2 and DC. It has only been used for like 4 sessions.

The metal panel has a black, textured overlay on it, and the shell is painted black. However, my paint job on the ACTUAL case isn’t as good as I had hoped. There are dripping marks on the front and a few scratches on the top. Not perfect but the whole ensemble looks good.



If you didn’t hate white people I would buy it.


I <3 white people
I <3 onikage


That is a really good price and I am really interested but I don’t got the money. Lol


pm sent


If it doesn’t go through, i am interested


still available


i think someone in modesto might want this if so ill pick it up at keystone but ill let u no 2nite


please do homey


hey yoon no one in modesto wanted it all though they all talk about wantin jap sticks o well if u still have it this weekend maybe ill put a payment on it if thats cool wit u


If it’s not picked up by tuesday, me and my roommate want it. :tup:


Ahh man that is such a good price ! If I had a converter without any lag for my ps3 it would be mine… damn.

Good luck anyways !


yoon hold onto the stick next time i c u ill buy it just drop it off at alberts place and ill leave the cash there and u dont have to ship it