WTS: Custom Arcade Stick Booty! TMO/Mas/Imitrex Cases!(ALL SOLD. PLEASE CLOSE)

Hey Folks of Srk, I have three controllers up for sale and a couple of them are custom made by either TMO or Imitrex. As well as being a stick builder myself, I love collecting controllers in general. At the moment, I?m almost done with college and unfortunately, I can?t bring all my controllers back with me to my hometown in Brooklyn nor that I have the time to work on these controllers.

Anyways, first up is Imitrex?s Case. This is an ultra low profile of less than 2? inches that uses Brazilian Paduak wood for the case. Mad slim, and nice . :D. This is a PS3 Controller, and it?s wireless with the Sixaxis controller w/ Toodles Sixaxis adapter. I?ve also mounted a Neutrik USB jack on the back of the case so that you don?t have to open the case up to recharge the controller. How convenient is that? :smiley:

Also, I?ve taken out the art and replaced the controller with brand spanking new seimitsu buttons (30mm Snap ins) and it has a JLF joystick included with it. The only thing that you have to do is provide 3 24mm buttons for the back and just have the controller wired up. Wiring is pretty easy to do because there?s no soldering involved with the help of terminal bays and quick disconnects on your buttons! An art can also be added to this blank case. Other than that, this controller is beautiful and lightly used! Works Flawlessly!!!
Asking Price: SOLD!!!






Next up, I have a famous used TMO controller many of you users have probably seen. It?s a case that features Ms. PacMan in a Royal blue color. The controller itself is a PS1, but also included with this sale is a TAC PS3 converter that has lagless inputs!!! When I had bought this case on ebay, I noticed that there?s a couple of small paint chips on the controller, so I?ve decided to work on the paint, but I never had the opportunity to do so due to schoolwork. Other than that, everything works beautifully! The controller has a Seimitsu LS-32-01 joystick w/ Clear Blue Balltop and uses pink Sanwa buttons. I will also throw in (6x) clear blue Seimitsu buttons that are snap ins!!! Don?t let this rare opportunity pass by!!!





Last, I have a mini Mas system stick up for sale. This is a PS2 controller that incorporates Happ parts in it. Comes with a PS3 converter if anyone is planning to play MVC or anything out of it. I know I will. The controller is lightly used.




As for shipping, US buyers ONLY! I will calculate the shipping as soon as the purchase is made. Don?t let this sweet opportunity pass you by! Good Luck!
Questions? Drop a Pm! :smiley:

awesome sticks, good luck!

Awesome cases - PM’d

These are pretty nice sticks, I’ve played on all of them in person before. Good luck!

Imitrex’s Case sold to Valkyrie!
Two More Cases Left!

Dooood, where were you two days ago, I would have been on that MAS in a second! I got me a brand new one, although it ran me a bit more (obviously).

If anyone’s on the fence about that MAS, just get it, I love mine!

PM sent for that MAS Systems stick.

bumped price on tmo.

Man, sometimes I wish I lived in the US. I love that TMO stick!

Got some advice if anyone wants to retouch up on the case by TMO themselves
"For people who want to touch up the paint job, the paint we used was a Rustoleum Painters Touch Caribbean Blue, and the finish was a Minwax Polyurethane clear spray"

Mas stick Sold! TMO Case pending!

All SOLD! Please Close…

Posting in here for a purchase I made :lovin: