WTS Custom Arcade Stick - Purple Birdseye Maple case w/ Sanwas and JLF


$95.00 shipped.

I’m selling one of my custom arcade sticks because I have too many and could use the extra cash. The case is a Purple Birdseye Maple that I purchased from Axis Gaming on the trading forum about a year ago. It’s a beautiful case with some seriously amazing detail. The case is fitted with a JLF w/ a octagonal gate and 6 Sanwa OBSN-30 white pushbuttons. The start and select buttons are Seimitsu PS-14-GN’s with clear plungers. The JLF is fitted with a Seimitsu LB-39a purple balltop.

There are a few imperfections that I’ve tried to document in the pictures I took. The plexi was re-cut because I accidentally cracked the plexi that Axis shipped with the stick when switching out my buttons. I cut a new piece of plexi to replace the cracked piece but opt’d not to score the plexi and used a hand saw which left a few tiny cracks on two of the sides. There are two noticeable cracks on the right side and one smaller crack on the bottom side. I took closeups that came out pretty well in the pictures below. The white marks between mp, mk and hk are artwork imperfections.

In addition, one of the screw holes was stripped after unscrewing and screwing one of the feet in so it will most likely need to be filled with some wood filler. It’s very possible that screwing the foot into the case at an angle will resolve the issue but I haven’t bothered trying that and wouldn’t suggest it until you’ve wired the stick. In the photo you can also see a small section of the black texture has been peeled away because I used super glue to secure the old PCB I had installed before it crapped out on me.

Feel free to PM me with any questions or leave them in the thread and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks guys.



price dropped


price dropped again, pcb has been sold.


beautiful stick… if I had more money or less sticks, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat!!!




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