WTS: Custom Built Supergun w/ 2 Controllers and 2 PCB's

I’m selling my Custom Built Supergun unit complete with the Supergun unit itself, two 6-Button Controllers, CPS2 Speaker, AC Power Cable, S-Video Cable for $245.

You pay for whatever shipping you want from NY, 12866.

I also have Atari’s Relief Pitcher Baseball PCB for sale for $15.

For those that don’t know about Superguns, they allow you to play Arcade games (PCB’s) on your home TV. Most JAMMA PCB’s are Plug 'N Play. Simply plug the game PCB into the JAMMA harness and hook up the video cable to your TV (It comes with an S-Video cable, but you can also use a Composite cable if you want) and turn on the power switch and now you’re playing all those arcade games you love right in the comfort of your own home!

About this Supergun- I’m using the CV-04 video chip inside. Better than any of the video chips inside a produced Supergun, such as the MAS Supernova. The CV-04 has high compatibility and crisp composite and s-video. It uses a standard s-video or composite cable and is color adjustable and also outputs in NTSC/PAL.

The controllers and system use the same plastic trim as an arcade and the controllers have a thick protective plexi glass cover just like in the arcade

It has a high quality ATX power supply with an easily accesible and reliable power switch on the back. It also has inline fuse holders. The power supply is already wired to accept all board voltages.

It has Test and Service buttons on main system with Coin and Player Start on the controllers and Button 4 is hooked up like a Neo.

Comes with an actual CPS2 speaker from the big blue cabinets for sound (Pictured on left of Supergun 2 picture).

It also has a decent and sturdy JAMMA harness with a tight fit. Again, better than the other produced Superguns and has a CPS2/3 kick harness for buttons 4-6.

This Custom Built Supergun system isn’t perfect, but works great. It is hand made and has some imperfections. For example, the top doesnt fit perfectly, but that’s good though because you can put wires out of it and it also makes the inside components easily accessible.

Here are some pictures:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks.

You’re going to need to unlock your flicker account so I don’t need to login to see it…

Can you see the pics now? If not, how do I go about unlocking my Flickr account? I thought I had it set to public view. Thanks.

Nope, still can’t…sorry.

I was mainly interested in seeing your worksmanship, I have to save up for a new car right now, just wanted you to be able to get more of the public to see your offering. Good luck!

NO. i cant still see the pics.

Pics have been fixed. Sorry about that.

I’ve been looking for a Supergun. I’ve got a bunch of stuff on ebay and if this is still there when the auctions end I’m definately buying this.


supegun owners have always amused me , they always pay top dollar for pcb collection’s only to have it out in the open unprotected an huge mess of wires going everwhere



As opposed to?


I’ve had a couple questions asking if this Supergun would work with a naomi system, CPS2/3 systems and others. The answer is yes. Thanks.

As opposed to putting ur PCBs in a cab where they belong.

Price lowered and I will also entertain all trade offers. Thanks.

The Run 'N Gun PCB has been sold. Only the Atari Relief Pitcher PCB is left for sale. Thanks.