WTS: Custom Byrdo PS2 Stick (Full Sanwa)

I’m selling my Grey Fox themed custom stick made by Byrdo. All Sanwa parts with a PS2 PCB. The case is poplar wood stained pickeled white. Overall, the stick is in GREAT condition. It has only been used on three different occasions, and it’s always been handled with care. For the most part, it’s been stored away and kept in a smoke free home. This listing also comes with a Pelican adapter which allows you to play on a PS3 with little to no noticeable input lag.

As most of you all probably know, Byrdo sticks are fairly expensive($230 and up). I’m going to list this stick at $190 w/ shipping. Sorry, these pics aren’t great by any means, but I think they suffice. PM if you have questions.

PM sent.

Hmm, I guess I can’t respond to PMs because I only have a few posts.

Mystic, shipping from Elk Grove to Stockton CA will be $12. That’s pretty much the flat rat price. Dan’s Student, sorry, but this listing is only for both items as a package deal right now.

Ahh w0rd my bad. Okay thanks for the response man!!! Don’t be shy to hit me up FIRST though if you end up deciding to sell the adapter separately!

if i would not have just spent money on a used finkle, this would be out of your house as of right now…

very nice

free bump…

good luck with this sale

that is flames…

For all the people that have contacted me via PM, please message me on AIM @ RvB Ravenn if you’re still interested or have questions. I can’t reply to PMs right now.

oooh shiny

Byrdo’s are beauties, eh? Good Luck!

whats ur aim? it has spaces in it

Elk grove? Shit I could go pick that up lol. It still up for sale?

this is my favorite byrdo stick man…

i d sell my kidney to buy this…lol

im so pissed right now that i dont have the cash…who ever buys it is one lucky guy

and you man why do you sell this stick?

I have a 360 TE on pre-order. I rather play on 360 because of the superior online infrastructure. Hard to part ways with my Byrdo though…I picked everything out and it’s pretty damn unique. Oh well. :sad:

still avail?

You’re the first to message me so I wanna give you first dibs. If you are interested, send me a message on AIM. I wanna sell this fast so contact me ASAP.

Yo I am interested in taking this stick off your hands, I have left you an IM but I will probably be offline by the time you get it.

Mystic isn’t interested anymore so Patrick Collins please aim me tomorrow during the afternoon. Hopefully we can set something up. :wgrin:



how many “other” buttons are there besides the main 6. just a start button ?