WTS: Custom Dual-modded stick


A stick built by riotblade, Poplar case with black paint finish, dual-modded with madcatz pcb & cthulhu. Sanwa Jlf-8y, 6 Sanwa 30MM buttons, 3 sanwa 24mm. Only flaw on the stick is that one of the screwholes is stripped at the bottom, so theres a missing screw, its no biggy. Asking price is $155 shipped or best offer. U.S. only please

Update 1/25/2010: will do $150-155 shipped


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i can’t see the pictures as the album is private.


link doesnt work. needs a password to see the album


sorry about that guys, should work now


still not working…




alright, i admit 'im a photobucket noob, so here are pictures of the stick from riotblades albums in my first post


BUMP BUMP BUMP, im taking best offers!


Price drop! Bump


Oh god, that’s so tempting. $150 for a DUAL MODDED STICK?! That’s insane.

Would you be interested in any trades? I got a HRAP 3: SA that I don’t really have too much need for. Practically new and I have the original box as well. kind of pointless since you’re selling a stick, but hey, figured I’d ask I can throw in a few bucks extra to help balance it out if you’d like.


just selling no trades, but good offer though cobra.


That’s a great deal!!! It’s only 15 bucks less than the dual mods I have for sale!!! Someone pic this up!


Screw it, sending you a PM now. This would be such a great way to save space for me in my room. which I definitely need to do, :rofl:.