WTS: Custom Futurama Stick + Misc. Goodies!

I’m trying to make my upcoming Vita purchase hurt the wallet a little bit less so I’m looking to unload some stuff I hardly use. Pictures coming soon. All prices have shipping included.

Metallic Green Futurama Stick by The Cleaner - $140
This is another stick that I purchased, and have just never gotten around to wiring it up. I don’t want to let it go, but I need to lighten my load and I’m sure someone out there will give this thing a loving home.

It’s never been played on and all it needs is a PCB and some wire. Stick is a Sanwa, buttons, and comes with 9 seimitstu buttons and a Neutrik USB adapter. Asking $160 shipped.

Club Nintendo Platinum Pin Set - $30
Never opened, still in plastic

NES with 7 Games - $50
Everything works great and comes with everything you see here, including power and video cables. The lid has some yellowing to it, which is pretty common for old Nintendo systems unfortunately.



Hellsing OST 2 CD set - $20

Jawbone Bluetooth headset - $15

Never been used. Just opened from original packaging.

Disgaea Custom Soundtrack - $10

Stay tuned as I will be constantly adding more stuff.

OH! And some things I will take as trade are Street Fighter HeroClix figures and/or Street Fighter KidRobot figures.


Added stuff! And sorry, but unless you have something super cool, I’m not looking to trade.

what is supercool for you?

I dunno… Fighting game collectibles, Sonic the Hedgehog goodies, I’m a sucker for rare video game stuff. Pretty much anything that isn’t other games (UNLESS they are PSX fighting games, still working on collecting those.) or stuff I could simply go buy at my local electronics store.

well for psx fighters i have sfa2 no case though

did you check my PM?

I’m not sure if you can disassociate you’re Google account from a tablet without wiping it, but you could just change your password. I know it’s possible to add another account to the market with Gingerbread devices.
What version is the Tab? Is it one of the original ones or is it the redesigned Tabs that was just released?

2.3.5 I believe is what it is running. If I can’t sell it with all the apps included, then I’ll sell it for $240

Added more stuff and finally added PICTURES!

3DS Games sold, tablet MAY be gone tomorrow so if someone wants it they have to act fast.

Galaxy tab is gone! More stuff to come.

Ministick may be gone in 24 hours… Tick tock tick tock…

Ministick is gone. New stick and more goodies coming very soon!

Prices dropped. New Stick added.

Bump cause I need these gone.

Lowered prices


PM’d for NES

Willing to part the stick, I kinda really just want the case & the neutrik