WTS: Custom Happ Competition Arcade Stick

Looking to sell my recently made custom arcade stick.

IL Comp Joystick
Happ Comp Convex Buttons

Button layout: Square, Triangle, L1
Cross, Circle, R1

Start button on the back. Button layout is intended for using a DC converter for MvC2.

All parts are still pretty new. Only about 10 hours MAX playtime on them. And thats an over-estimated guess.

Asking $125 SHIPPED anywhere in the US. Paypal payment preferred.

why are you selling that beast?

indeed why sell such a beauity?

Does it have a select button?

I didnt bother wiring a select button because I only play marvel.

I decided to sell it because I wanna go back to japanese layout for the buttons. I just cant get used to the straight layout. I’m also making my next stick compatible with ps2 and xbox 360 for Tatsunoko vs Capcom next year =D