WTS: Custom Happ Stick, Sanwa Parts, mini VGA Converter, and Ti-84 Calc

I accept paypal and ship FAST upon payment. Feel free to PM me any offers or questions.

#1- High-Quality custom Happ/IL stick wired for PS2. $60 shipped.

Its made with:
[]X-Arcade solo case
]Pre-hacked PSOne PCB by Zombie Capt.
[]Proper 6-button layout
]Happ/IL Competition stick(yellow) & convex buttons(4 White & 2 purple)
[]Yenox buttons for Start/Select w/classic Player-1 imprint on Start.
]Yenox button plugs
[]Rock solid wiring & parts
]Excellent PCB compatibility with converters for X-Box 360 & PS3 use.
[*]Great for use with games like MVC2, that lend themselves better to American style parts.

One Sanwa white balltop. $2.00 shipped
One Sanwa GT-Y Octogon Gate. $3.00 shipped

^ Both of these were barely used and are like new.

#3- Sewell brand, USB powered, Compact VGA-to-Tv converter. $18 shipped.

Product page & information found here:

Lets you connect ANY laptop or Pc to your Tv. Great for games & movies! In like-new condition, and includes all cables & packaging that originally came with the unit.

Bump. Price drops.

I’ll take the Sanwa GT-Y Octogon Gate assuming it works for the Madcatz TE joysticks. PM me your PayPal addy for the $3, thx!

I PMed about the stick. Hope to hear form you soon

Interested in trading the stick?

Yeah same for me about trading for the stick. Thanks.