WTS: Custom Happ Stick

For sale here is a High-Quality custom Happ stick:

$100 shipped total. I accept paypal only and ship QUICKLY upon payment.

Happ IL Competition stick(yellow) & buttons(white/purple)
Start/Select buttons are Yenox w/classic player 1 imprint
PS1 PCB wired by Zombie Cpt
Black Painted MDF case with plexi on top & bottom

Note- this is the same stick i bought from scoops earlier here, only changed with different color stick/buttons. This is a great stick, i’m only selling it because i no longer need it. Keep in mind that i paid scoops $120 for it, and i’m selling it now for just $100 shipped. Great stick, great deal!

(sorry for low picture quality, they were taken with a really cheap digital camera)

Bottom cover seen here is plexi.

nice stick :slight_smile: gl with the sale

PM sent


To Mr-Phelps. Mods close please.