WTS : Custom Ikaruga Stick, SF Art books, Anime, PRICES DROPPED!

Cleaning out all my extra parts/stuff that’s been lying around since I moved into the new place.

Prices INCLUDE shipping cost.

I ship to ANYWHERE in the USA and CANADA. Prices for Canada will vary.


All my items come in PLAYED but WORKING condition.

Ikaruga Custom Stick ($110)
Case made by EmptyShiki, Includes a Sanwa JLF, 4 Sanwa 30mm buttons, 2 button plugs. Brand new parts, but the case has a few scratches on the bottom from play. Other then that it’s really clean. However, does not include a PCB.
Picture002.jpg picture by Wolfwood811 - Photobucket
Picture005.jpg picture by Wolfwood811 - Photobucket
Picture006.jpg picture by Wolfwood811 - Photobucket

Dreamcast Games
Shenmue, No Case, No Manual (15$)
Gundam : Side Story, No Case, No Manual (10$)
Picture001.jpg picture by Wolfwood811 - Photobucket

Playstation 1 Games
Parasite Eve, No Demo Disk, No Manual (15$)
Tekken 2 (5$)
All the games work fine, just that the cases have a few cracks.

Art Books
SF20 : The Art of Street Fighter (25$)
Street Fighter Tribute (20$)
All the books have been flipped through a few times, but the pages and binding are still in great shape.
Picture007.jpg picture by Wolfwood811 - Photobucket

Bleach Season 1 Box Set (20$)
Contains 5 DVDs, Episodes 1-20

6/17 : Added a few more items, and removed sold items.
6/22 : Lowered Prices on a few things. Added a few games for PS1.
6/25 : Now accepting Paypal as a payment type! YAY! :rofl: Few prices lowered as well. Yellow Sanwas and balltop no longer on hold.
6/29 : Cleaned up my sold items and updated what’s pending on payment. Alot has sold so far, so thank you very much guys.
7/1 : New rule here, if you want something, please…PLEASE PM ME. There’s been some confusion on who wanted what, but it’s sorted out now. So in the future, PM me with what you want, I’ll mark the item as PENDING in the thread so people know it’s not for sale, then I’ll mark it as SOLD once a payment has been recieved.
7/2 : Removed more sold items, added Evangelion to the pending list. Only a few more items to go. Stay tuned though, I might have a custom stick going up next week depending on how my paycheck looks. Bills suck…
7/14 : Added alot of items, all items now include shipping prices (to the US).
7/18 : Lowered prices on the Ikaruga stick and all the art books.
7/28 : Lowered prices on the Ikaruga stick again and the art books. This is my last price drop until I find more stuff to sell.
8/8 : Not offering the art book deal anymore, the Capcom Design Works book was sold.

The ken and juri pictures are both the ken pad.

:rofl: I fixed it, thanks for pointing that out.

Curses for lack of shipping to UK and no paypal. Really need a Cthulhu XD


Is it complicated to hook one of those cthulu boards up?

Since the Cthulhu is already assembled all you’ll need to do is connect wires, QD’s, and your set. It’s as easy as it gets.

Exactly as the man says, you basically just put the wire in, screw it down with a philips head driver, give it a gentle tug to make sure it’s secure and you’re all set to go. I never had a problem with it working or registering on a PS3 or PC.

Is there no soldering involved to use the cthulu you’re selling and modding a madcatz te stick? If such is the case, I’ll take it.

No soldering at all to the Cthulhu board itself, the wires going to the buttons will need either quick disconnects, or direct solder.

Lemme do some research, but I might still try to scoop it.

Is this the imp board with auto detect, or do you have to hold down home/guide to switch systems? Just trying to find out which one i need to read about heh.

That isn’t a ChImp board, you have to get an Imp board.

How much for shipping the Juri Fightpad to Canada?

pm’d about ken fightpad

Saikyo Dan : Shipping to Canada is about 12$ from where I’m at.

For all the people wanting the Ken Fight Pad, I’m sorry but it’s already sold to alphakenny.

I really appriciate the interest that everyone has shown.

Thanks for the quick reply Xombie, I may be looking into that in a while, if no one else buys it, I just spent all my dough on tickets to EVO and Custom Stick Art and a Stick Sack and well, you get my drift, once I’m up and running again though I might buy that off you.

Yeah man, I know how it works. I’d love to go to EVO but I really need a new car, I’ll be lucky if the hunk of crap I’m currently piloting gets me through the summer.

Is the PS3 fightpad allowed at EVO? I know it’s wireless and they don’t take too kindly to that sort of thing, doesn’t it have some sort of wired option? My friend plays pad and I think he might want this for EVO, since right now he’s just using his dualshock 3.

Oh wait, I just asked around and it apparently has the little usb port for charging, can you confirm this? If this works, it’s legal for EVO.