WTS: Custom Joystick with LS-32, Sanwa OBSF's and DUAL PCB !~! SOLD SOLD

That right. This is a dual pcb japanese style arcade controller. It has Sanwa buttons. A seimitsu LS 32 Joystick. and Happ buttons for start and select. The Dual PCB was built by hozie and it allows you to safely and easily switch between madcatz 360 pcb and psx pcb. This is a steal for the SRK crowd.

Priced to sell

$120 + shipping

i can also make a THICK lexan bottom cover for it for $10 bux extra.





the paint job is just a standard black. in some pics the reflection makes it look off

pm sent.

steal indeed man, why you are selling such a nice stick?? anyways, once again nice wiring, and good price too. good luck with the sale.

i sold my xbox 360 and dont need it anymore. thanks for the compliment. the wiring is all hozie.

apparently if you live outside of the us you have to offer more then $120 + shipping ontop to get this seller to even think about it

what a jib $120 + shipping is $120 + shipping not tacked on extra $$$ cause i dont live in the usa , which i think is againt posting rules this sint a friggen auction …

imagine if us japanese people were that rude all you americans would have no parts for your sticks an you’d be suck with happ’s :stuck_out_tongue: sometimes the ignorance that some americans have amazes me

good luck with your sale anyway , looks like a great stick for who ever buys it

:u: you’re right. this isn’t an auction. because there’s no bidding going on here.

you need to learn what an auction is.

$120 + shipping is a good price for a custom made stick.

i should of said US shipping only. my apologies mate. i just said offer me more money because for me to ship it to australia means me writing weird addresses i’ve never heard of, and shipping that is unfamiliar to me. ie more labor = more money. time = money. and yes americans are rude. im just capitalistic. but ya im pretty sure its sold anyway. thanks for the space SRK (not so much the shitting on threads)

PM sent.

Some idiot from Australia sent me a very similar message about an SFAC stick I had for sale on EBay. That was you huh? You can’t compare a company shipping out goods which is their business to a guy just trying to make some money back.

? im from Shimokitazawa just happen to be working in australia atm

no worries , pretty much proves my point on how 'some" americans think

good luck with the sale to any us buyer this is a great buy :slight_smile:

to prove my point if you paypal me the asking price within the next 20 minutes its yours jugdish … then we will figure out ACTUAL (no extra cost) shipping on monday.

tHE iTEM hAS bEEEEN sOOld … congratulations to all those interested. sold to the original usdm bidder. thank you srk for the ad space.

Hey thats some nice looking art, really like the colors. Any chance you have it still on your computer? It would make a good background.

nope sorry dont have the art. i bought the stick with that art. it is indeed a nice collaboration of characters.

Ah oh well, thanks anyways man.