WTS: Custom Laptop (Edge) High end


Hey, I’m selling my custom laptop computer because I need money, and I no longer really use it since I’m going to college locally now.

The specs:


15.4 inch screen HD LCD

Processor: Intel® Core™2 Extreme CPU X9000 @ 2.80GHz (2 CPUs)

Memory: 3066MB RAM

200 GB Harddrive

NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GT

Wireless N

Fingerprint Encryption system for extra security.

Realtek HD Audio Input

Built in microphone





Some information about the laptop. It can run current games flawlessly including SFIV. The graphics can be set at near the highest, and there won’t be any slowdown. I could even run Crysis on this computer on medium if that shows you the power in this thing. If you’re wondering this can run any MMO to date perfectly.

The only problems with the laptop is that the keyboard on the left corner is kind of lifted so it kind of is annoying because it frequently pops out, but you can push it back in. This doesn’t prevent typing, but it makes it annoying.

It also has a cosmetics problem because there is some fading of the color on right right side where your hands rest. I’m gonna try and clean it off or something, but I think its permanent now.

I will have pictures in a bit.

Price: $1300 shipped, I’ll also allow people to pm me offers.

Need college funds

**Stock Hori Vermillion 30mm buttons and 2 yellow 24mm hori buttons
$6 total


hmmm This looks familiar! lol Good luck on the sale bro.


LOL yah

I need a HRAP2 cuz I can’t play 3s offline on ps2s since I only have ps3 sticks. Plus, most of the games I play and will play are coming out on the ps2 are. Sigh…It’s actually quite annoying cuz I would prefer to just keep it.



good luck with the sale! i’ve been using the hell out of the namco


why dont you dual mod it?


What he said. PSX mod is pretty easy, and with a inpin you could use it on ps3 too.


I’m interested in it.


I’m interested in it, where are you shipping it from?


still up for sale


price drop

dropity drop


added plexiglass and buttons


All right I’m dropping the price again and adding some dark hai buttons only if you buy the stick.

For a total of $135 + 15 shipping.

You could sell this on ebay for more at this point I think…lol


No more Dark hai buttons deal since I sold them.


plexi dropped to $10

meh, I’ll also do trades.


would you be interested in trading for my Haupp. HD-PVR? More info on this thread:



Nah, I’d have no use for one.

Thanks for the offer good sir


added some buttons, and the only thing I would trade this for would be a used wii I think.


ebay auction closed…found a buyer for HRAP3


adding my custom laptop

also, the hrap 3 might come up today…again


can i get a pic of the plexi?