WTS: Custom Madcatz dual mod TE (on craigslist: Baltimore)


Originally a round2 Xbox 360 fightstick, but dual modded using a phreakmods Teasy strike PCB (solderless), and now of course works on both ps3 and Xbox360. Tek-innovations custom plexi with Hori HRAP button layout. Currently only using 6 out of the 8 button slots, the two not used are plugged using sanwa button plugs (the buttons have since been moved to the inner 6). Buyer will recive the two extra buttons along with the original front plate, border, and plugs (no scratches looks like new). Tek-innovation mirror finish JLF mount (Stick is slightly higher then normal due to the placement of the stacked PCB’s) along with a mirror finish border. Tek-innovation super small dust washer. Semitsu bubble top, and new sanwa buttons. Works flawlessly on both systems. Total playtime is ~12hrs was just finished last week, and has been very well taken care of. Buyer will get the original box (is alittle beat up, nothing to bad though). Willing to ship but buyer must pay shipping, local delivery is on a case by case basis, payment is through paypal or cash if local.

Asking: $325.00 OBO

I’m unable to attach photos however the link will have a pic on it. I can direct you to more pics if needed.
Custom Madcatz Dual Mod TE fightstick