Wts custom modded SF anniversary stick

im selling the OSFAEAS its has an iL 8-Way Eurojoystick(blue stick) wit white and blue Happ Competition Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch the top last 3 are blue and the bottom last 3 are white and the first two are plugged.with original artwork if you want i can put a picture you want on it just send the pic to my email:joel_chavez_flores@yahoo.com and if you pm your email address i can send you a picture of the stick. it has a ps1 board in it so it works on the ps2 and converters also works on the dc.i have heard you can get a ps3 converter and it will work, if so please pm to confirm this and i would appericate it.im asking $150 for it and ill ship it out as soon as i get payment for it,also i ill give you the tracking number so you can keep an eye on it.im in Lawrenceville,ga thats a little north of the A so anyone wanting a stick in the local area hit me up. i can make all types of sticks and anyone out of state PM or email we can work something out. i will have a myspace and facebook up with my work soon so be out on the look out for that,also if you would like i can send you pics of my other work so you can see my craftmanship. i take paypal or money order.http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=79446693&albumID=2358135&imageID=35174219here is a pic