Wts: Custom Pins for events/promos/etc & SSF4 pins

I had the thought that it might be interesting to sell custom pins/buttons for people to use for whatever things people might want to use them for. Such as tournaments and whatnot.

First off, I press the buttons myself. They’re all 1.25inch, which seems to be the best for readability without being big or obnoxious. I try to make the best quality product I can.

Here is my simple example, all buttons are capable of having text around the outside edge and whatnot. I think it looks best to put a url on the bottom part, which is what I do on all the normal buttons I sell, as shown:

And here are some more examples of buttons I have done or am selling from my website.

More examples on the website (or if you like one, feel free to order): SINIXDESIGN | Shop_v1.0

The picture quality isn’t great, because of reflections and whatnot, so they look a good deal better in person (especially those starcraft ones).

What I pictured was that someone might want to make up a custom button for a local tournament or something and give them out to the contestants. They look good when pinned on your stick bag and stuff like that. Maybe they’ll catch on and people would have little collections of buttons across their stick bag of tournies they’ve entered. For an order like that, I’d probably throw in a “Gold, silver, and bronze” edition of the tournament button as an added bonus for winners? Something tangible to remember your win by, a simple form of trophy.

Those are just some ideas anyway. I’m sure other people might have their own.

Just remember! If you want a custom button with a certain image on it, you have to own the rights to that image. I’m quite capable of doing all sorts of artwork/drawings/paintings for whatever you want done. I won’t make buttons out of art we don’t have permission for.

As far as pricing goes on custom buttons:
I charge $10 flat for the original designwork for the print section of the custom buttons (up to 6 designs possible for that $10, I print on sheets of six, so you can get as many or few designs as you want up to that for that $10 design fee).
The buttons themselves would be sold in different quantities (this is above the designing fee).
The minimum order is 6 buttons for $5.
then it goes 30 buttons for $20, 50 buttons for $30, and $0.50 a piece for orders of 100 or more
. I could work out other pricing if you’re in need a weird number I guess.

Domestic shipping rates (from website)
Less than $10: $2.00
$10 to $20: $3.00
$20 to $30: $4.00
More than $30: $5.00
International orders please contact.

So, to put that all together. $18 would get you 6 custom buttons of anything you want shipped. A bulk order of 100 buttons for a promotion or reselling or whatever you want would cost you $65 (or $55 is the design work had already been established by me).

Post any questions or whatever in here. Email me at sinix777@gmail.com if you want to work out details of an order or anything. Thank you.

nice work. def. bookmark for future reference

Like I tell every custom whatever thread: The second you start selling stuff with artwork that isn’t yours, I’m shutting this down.

Yeah, good point. I wouldn’t want to be involved in jacking artwork. I added some words about that to my original post, thanks.