Wts custom PS3/ps4 stick

I’ve had this maybe 3 months bought it right here on SRK from RoyalFlush used a dozen times or so I’ve just been doing better on pad lately though and with SF5 looking to be more pad friendly I’m just gonna put the sticks away.

125 shipped obo


image hosting 10mb limit


Also selling Borderlands handsome collection for 30 shipped

Made it an obo price hearing all offers.


Well there’s one in my profile picture but is the one I have up not visible?

Bump dropped price need offers nom nom

What PCB is inside?

Hori FC3

Give my baby a new home!

PM’d you

Bump added items

Just for clarification, is the stick a PS3 and PS4 dual mod? And, what are the dimensions of the stick (length, width, height)?

I may be interested if it’s still available since I’m looking for a compact stick.

It does work on both PS3 and 4 I’d say it’s about SE dimensions except thinner

Awesome. All Sanwa parts, I’m assuming? If so, I’ll take it. PM me your information, and I’ll send the money to you tomorrow (won’t be at a computer for most of today).

Payment sent.

Payment received will pm with shipping info when available.