WTS: Custom PS3 stick Happ iL


I have for sale a used custom PS3 stick that i got back in january. It hasnt been used in a few months due to the fact that its a little bigger than what i use. This stick in perfect working condition. It comes with a Blue happ iL stick and happ buttons. Extra long USB cord. This stick also works on the PC. Please take note of the minor scractes along the left side and bottom right corner.

I am asking 100+ shipping.

Papal only…

Will send paypal if interested. send me ur zip code for shipping quote


Wow my stick is pretty similar to that one



that looks quite nice


thanks and i was also planning to do the white button blue rim but i was too lazy and I didn’t want to spent the extra money. But it looks a lot better like that


sorry about the crappy pics!!! took them with the celly! if more pictures are needed just let me know…



know someone got to be interested. perfectly working stick. cosmetically 8/10



might be willing to do 150 shipped


125 shipped


TTT!!! time to bring this back out for sale…I need the money cuz times are hard and im need to make my final gaming tourney before i retire.



$100 plus shipping
anyone buys this today they get free shipping



$100 shipped


awesome price dude! :slight_smile:


thanks. i tried to sell this a while ago but had no bites on it. I dont play 2d games so a Happ stick is of no use. i bought it just to try it out.

good stick, just not for me.


will ship within 2 days