WTS: Custom Rufus Theme PS3 TE Stick

Hey whats up guys?! I really need some cash right now and willing to part with my custom Rufus Theme TE stick. It’s barley used I used it maybe 3 times before modding it and after modding it like once. I have a HRAP1 modded and I use that more than the TE stick. Stick comes with the clear Plexi all Sanwa buttons also comes with box. Everything is in working condition. I’m willing to part with it for $135 Free Shipping.

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Explore GuiltyGearX104

Right Now I’m only accepting Paypal Payments, Interested Pm me, and Thanks.

I remember seeing that stick in the custom thread. It’s beautiful. GL selling it. I have two dual modded TE’s so I don’t need it. I’m sure you’ll sell this with no problem!

hahaha what a stick

If it doesn’t sell you can always blame it on Ken MASTERSS!!!

omg this is nice, i wish it were for the 360, or a dual mod
good luck selling its cheap too!

Tempting, but i can’t afford it right now.

any chance of getting the template in a pm? It’s awesome.

Price loward to $135, Free shipping

free shipping to canada too ? :slight_smile: