WTS: Custom Sanwa $140

I will take pics in a bit, but I am selling a Custom Sanwa for PS1/PS2 made by final_cut.

Button layout is as so:

L1 L2 Select Start

________[] /\ R1| Analog
stick___X O R2|

So for people who like their extra colours or like using the L1/L2 buttons for training mode in Guilty Gear, the buttons are available, while for those who use pelican adapters or adapters in general, will be happy to know that the Analog button becomes a Home button when used on a PS3.

The balltop for the Sanwa JLF and OBSF-30 6 face buttons are dark blue, the analog is a white OBSF-30 as are the L1 and L2 buttons, whereas Select/Start buttons are Seimitsu PS-14-D that are in the white/black colour scheme.

Unfortunately there are two small cracks on the lexan plate (but nothing major, and you’ll see it for yourself when I upload the pics), but the lexan mount you can always change yourself if you wanted to. That is pretty much the only thing against this stick.

There is no artwork on this stick, so you can put whatever on it.

This would be out for $140 USD, I can ship to Canada or within the Continental United States, and shipping would be done via FedEx Express (I have employee discounts when it comes to shipping). EDIT: I want to clear though, shipping will vary to wherever it’s going, but it will be cheap regardless.

Pics of the Custom Sanwa, plays like a charm.

Pics are bad because they were done with the iPhone.

Oh right, I forgot to add, that I accept Paypal.


would love to know how much for the korean stick

Are the buttons Crown on the stick too?

damn if i had an extra 140 to spend i would swoop that stick up in a heartbeat.

It took me forever to remember which stick that was. Shipping was so expensive on that thing!



I’ll buy the korean stick if it works for the ps2 or ps3 for 115$


ah bummer, thanks though

No problem, but you could always just use the Universal PCB (that I am also thinking about selling) in it that or put in a dual shock 1 pcb or a PS3 cthulu pcb in there. ; )


Is the price like too high or something?

It’s not too high I think, Seems people are either holding their money for SF4 or just have run out holiday cash by now. People are having a hard time selling anything lately.

It’s the recession.

Damn you recession!!!

Because if I can move this, and then I will certainly start moving my two Pelicans afterward as well.

Well me moving my pelicans depend on whether or not I buy two TEs (which I already preordered, don’t come till March here north of the border, which is good because it gives me some time to think about things) or get two custom Sega Blast City sticks that are Cthulu-equipped.

Korean? how much?