WTS: Custom Sanwa Arcade Stick(s)


Kinda new to this forum but not new to building custom sticks, I have a new design that I feel is quite unique in looks and in overall design. It incorperates nicely finished hardwood and a handformed steel body which works perfectly with Sanwa,Seimitsu,Happ and just about any other parts on the market today but specifically eliminates the problems with mounting japanese parts in thicker materials such as MDF.

The size isnt fixed, I can change the slope, height and width within reason to one’s request.

Since the main body is steel or aluminum it provides a very smooth finish which takes paint well and yields a super smooth paint finish with no gaps shown.

The side plates can either be finished hardwood for a luxurious look or can be made from machined aluminum and finished a specific color.

There is no worry about “ringing” or tin can sounds as the box is built quite sound and is braced to eliminate these unwanted sounds.

I’m no graphic artist just a fabricator so any artwork which is wanted would have to be given to me to be printed or done afterwards. I think this is fair as it is a custom stick and should suit what the person likes. I will provide a lexan top to protect your artwork rest assured :slight_smile:

The Stick in the following link is an example to what it can look like but it is also for sale. It has 8 orange Sanwa OBSF-30 30mm push buttons in total, one orange Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y balltop stick, both oak and poplar finished sideplates, grey-bronze hammered finish, lexan top with artwork and of course your choice of pcb installed wether its xbox, PS or DC all for $160USD plus shipping here from Canada. Any other custom quoted sticks may vary in price depending on what is requested.

Pictures can be found here:

any questions? drop me a PM or email me at noely.w@gmail.com



Very nice!
Do you have a pic of the inside of it also?


thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:
I will have one of it fully wired ASAP


Do you ship to mexico???


oooohh. yes it does have an original look. so clean and professional looking. :tup:


Wow, That does look like a super good deal. I’m very interested in one. Hit me up at shoryuken@removedot.com (actual email don’t remove anything). What PCB’s do you use for the playstation joysticks? Do you think you could do one with two rows of 4’s and have the start and select (i.e. with both shoulder buttons).


That is a VERY nice look and price, that specific box seems slightly big but VERY nice overall. If Im in need of a custom stick at some point I think Id be interested in giving you some business:)


rally: yeah thats possible 2 rows of 4 isnt any problems at all I will email you sometime today when I finish up working on a few things. sometime this evening most likely!

I will look into the shipping situation for places within the next day or so for my neighbors to the south and other places too.

thanks again for the praise guys :slight_smile:


oh yeah, that looks nice. Is there a fixed price, or does varied with one’s personal changes? Also, can you actually make the button layout be arched?


that looks great, I would be interested in one with the japanese button layout. Could you work out how muct to ship to the uk.


delurio, price may vary depending on what is wanted extra buttons would of course cost extra just in case someone wanted 2 rows of 4 for example and a start and select or if someone wanted a P360 or something. Japanese Arched layout isnt any trouble at all. If someone wanted an all aluminum stick it would cost more than say one made of steel with wood sides but it wouldnt be that astronomical of a difference. Any other questions feel free to drop me an email noely.w@gmail.com


Hey, that is pretty nice! Looking good!


Sent you an email.


What other colors do the Sanwa ball tops and buttons come in?

I’m definitely gonna buy one of these.


too clean, too clean


thanks Lanzar!


chuck lidell


Cool. I will contact you in a few weeks. I have school right now and I plan to go to a convention in June, so money may be tight.


Sounds like a plan to me, drop me an email when you’re ready


New smaller design in progress, I will have a finished product end of the weekend or the first thing next week. should make some people happy who asked for a smaller sanwa stick.
once again, thanks for all the kind words everyone.