Wts: custom sanwa ps2 stick $50 shipped CHEAP!


NEW ITEMS!!(more pictures coming for unsold items)

custom sanwa ps2 stick/ w happ start & select $50(shipped)
samsung blackjack (new battery!) [COLOR=seagreen]$45 or best offer[/COLOR] (shipped!!)
[COLOR=magenta]pelican ps2 pcb(not soldered) [/COLOR]$5
the king of fighters '95(game boy) $8
(shipping not included in new item prices please ask with zipcode, thank you)

this is a custom sanwa ps2 stick, it uses the board out of the svc chaos stick. it has sanwa obsn buttons & sanwa jlf, the start and select buttons are happ convex. The jlf was once in a hori ex2 so there is a ground wire run through all the switches , there is also a crack that goes through the select button hole on the plexiglass other than that its ready to have custom artwork put in it, im selling this so i can keep up with bills. i dont want to sell it but it will do somebody more good than me since i play on 360 mostly

pm’d regarding hori case

Does the hori case come with the top buttons(or can it)?

yeah, im interested in the hori case, let me know what position im in, i can pay right away…

no top buttons

check your message box please sir


if someone can give me a good offer on the white case ill work with you… bump!

hmm…very interesting, where did you get these case? did you make it?


Looks like a Naki Ultimate Fight Stick

i lol’ed

The hori case looks like you painted it yellow. Is that just the flash from the camera? I see that you’ve sold it, I was just curious. Odd that there’s no top buttons… usually you can just leave em in and wire connections to them.

Could you post a side view and inside view of the other case? I’m curious if it takes snapins, screwins, or possibly Happs, etc. Just curious to see how deep it is and what kinda mounting system it is.

it takes both screw and snapins, happ buttons can only go in for start an select because the slant gets narow towards the bottom. a jlf has also been screwed into that case also, it has been full sanwa modded and used at tournaments

bump look at my new stuff now!!!

cue check your pms sir

everything looks good just waiting for payment from cue and lldre items will be shipped tomorow pending payment

items cue16 inquired about are open, reminder to all potential buyers: Please do not waste my time, only pm me if you are serious, anything else can be thrown in this thread

thank you


payment sent…