Wts: custom sanwa ps2 stick $50 shipped CHEAP!

everything has been shipped i will post your confirmation numbers shortly

more stuff!!!

i know u guys want to but my stuff

I think I only got 1 dustwasher? Was it 2 for a $1 each or 2 for $1?

sorry it was 2 for $1 i made a mistake and forgot to put the other one in ill refund you $.50 what is your paypal again?

LOL. It’s cool. You gave me the hori balltop. I just ripped it open, I thought I lost it. Thanks for the quick delivery.

hot stuff people come on buy buy buy go go go

Got all my stuff Friday, fast shipping great seller.

great thanks, now could you be so kind to leave feedback?


hot hot hot

which pelican pcb is that?


payment sent. Thanks!

buy my phone!!!

hurry up and buy!!!

price drop!

nice price on the stick but the start/select is too close to the other buttons for my liking.

good luck with your sells

yea but it hasnt been a problem

If you’re willing to sell just the JLF + the 6 Sanwa buttons I’d be interested.