WTS: Custom Sanwa stick -


Hey guys!

Up for grabs is one of my custom Sanwa sticks. I made this about two months ago so it is in practically new condition. I’ve tested it out a couple of times to make sure everything works properly and that’s about it.

The features of the stick:

  • Official Playstation PCB (best way to go imo)
  • Sanwa OBS series buttons (no matter how hard I try, I cannot help but say these are the best buttons ever made)
  • Sanwa JLF Joystick (who doesn’t love this stick!?)

The box itself has been angle routed on all of the edges (top, bottom, sides) The case is painted a metallic red and sealed off with polyurethane - in other words, this thing SHINES.

Now for the artwork… I, myself, am a fan of fine art. Now, I realize that some may not agree with the artwork I picked for this box (which is Turners “Slave Ship” fyi). So, free of charge, I will replace the artwork if you have something else to give me.

Here’s some Pics:




(Sorry this next one is so blurry, it’s the only side shot I took so you could see the routed edges on the bottom)


Price: $165 shipped!

Thanks for looking guys!

wow, nice looking red box

Is that the proper height for the JLF? Seems a little high.

Awesome artwork !!!:pray:

Hey again guys,

I’m gonna do a price drop on this to get things rolling along. It is now up for $165. Thanks again for looking and comments!

Sorry for double post,

Probably my last price drop before I sell it local - $150 shipped!