WTS: Custom SF2 Turbo HD All Happ Stick (Xbox 360)

I have decided to sell my custom Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Happ Stick. I Got a TE and added custom plexi and artwork and use it exclusively right now. The happ one just sits and collects dust. I have to clean it off every few day to keep it clean! Anyway, I figured some one on SRK would love to have this guy and show it the attention it deserves.

I am asking $150 shipped within the US. Its all Happ for Xbox 360

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

EDIT: SOLD to mikeidge for $150 shipped to New Jersey. That must be some sort of record. It was sold within 30 minutes of posting!

WOW… that is a lovely Happ stick. Woulda bought it if I were into MvC :frowning: It would just be collecting dust with me as well lol. Nice price too! Good luck with your sale.

oh wait, it’s also for Xbox :frowning: I only have PS3

that stick looks sweet

i’ll take it. check your PM’s

Looks great. If I didn’t have a happ stick already I woulda bought it. :[

That’s a cool looking stick. Although the buttons seem a little further apart than usual. I would say good luck with the sale but it looks like it’s already sold. That was fast.

this stick showed up on friday and it is made with remarkable quality. i ordered a MAS stick around the same time i got this and i decided i dont need 2 happ sticks.

i will part with this one (the one i got from this thread)if anyone wants it. im looking to get the same $150 shipped.

So, you bought it and want to sell it right away? Or are you sell the MAS stick? I’m just curious so it people won’t ask you to clarify. I don’t need it though. I’m sure your customers might want to know =)

damn lucky so cool

Woah!!! I have a TE mirror plexi from arthong that has that same ninja turtle outline in it (from your avatar)! I’m getting ready to post pics of it this week! It’s a dual modded TE. I might sell it at a later date. It’s sick! Wait til you see it!!!

i bought it and want to sell it right away. i like the MAS stick better so i am keeping that, and selling the custom one pictured at the top of this thread. $150 to anyone that wants it.

OMG are you serious!? Oh well, I hope it winds up in the hands of someone who actually wants it. You should make another thread because this one is sure to confuse many potential buyers.

dude i cant believe what just happened! does it come with the cable?

i made the new thread here…

the stick is great! call it an impulse buy if you’d like. i ordered a MAS stick and literally a half hour later you listed yours. i said F it and bought it. the mas was shipped with 2 day delivery and i had been using it for almost a week and liked it alot. i got the custom last friday and its very nice, but im happy with the MAS.

yes, it comes with the cable. i think its like 10ft or more.